Agrion organizes Free Legal Advice Days at its offices throughout the country

Agrion organizes Free Legal Advice Days at its offices throughout the country

Agrion, the leader in land management, launches the Free Legal Aid Days campaign from November 12 to 21 at its offices in the country.

The consultations are absolutely free of charge for the people, and the teams include highly qualified lawyers with extensive practice in real estate cases.

The campaign is aimed at landowners, heirs, as well as anyone who wants to simply understand how much their land costs and how they could sell it.

The consultations will take place on the following schedule:


12/11/2019 Stara Zagora

11/13/2019 Haskovo

11/15/2019 Shumen

11/15/2019 Varna

11/15/2019 Ruse

19/11/2019 Burgas

11/20/2019 Medium

11/21/2019 Montana

11/21/2019 Pleven

11/21/2019 Sofia

11/21/2019 Plovdiv

The list of office addresses and contacts can be found here:

In recent years, investment in agricultural land has brought a sustainable income to those who have decided to invest in it or actively manage their properties. Often, however, owners are confused by the complex legislation and the ensuing cases.

With our free consultations, we want to help solve these problems so that they can profit from their farmland without having to pay for expensive advice.

A serious problem is rent and lease contracts. Those who are not satisfied with their current contracts can get advice from our experts on how to terminate their unfavorable lease agreement in order to get better terms.

The most common cases that Agrion lawyers resolve are hereditary. Often the land is torn between dozens of landlords, some of whom do not even live in Bulgaria. Agrion's experts have proven that they can find solutions to such cases, even with 30 owners from different parts of the country and abroad.

Landowners often seek advice on the cost of their land and how to sell it without unnecessary red tape. For them, in addition to legal advice, Agrion is ready to assist with the inspection of the property of the plots and to make a free evaluation of the property.

In recent years, tenants have also taken a serious interest in Agrion's legal services. The most common problems are related to the rights and obligations under the contracts, their declaration and duplication of contracts for the same properties.


Agrion is the first Bulgarian company to build a professional chain of offices at key points in the country and introduce new standards in the professional management of agricultural assets.

We guarantee a fair price for each land plot, because, unlike others, we do not use averaged estimates, but work with a specially designed algorithm with different indicators that guarantees a precise estimate.

Over the years, our company has developed a team of highly skilled agricultural land dealers who can find a solution to any case, whether it is related to the sale, lease or lease of fields.


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