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Whether you need funds to prepare for the coming farming season, want to buy land or modernize your production, Agrion is here to support you:

Current values ​​of reference interest 30.09.2022
EURIBOR 3м: 1.173%
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For land purchase or leaseback
  • Amount of leasing financing: at client's request;
  • Size of self-participation: with possibility of no initial self-participation;
  • Purpose: agricultural land purchase or refinancing on already purchased agricultural land;
  • Transparent interest rate throughout the loan period;
  • Repayment terms: maximum 5 years;
  • Repayment plan: tailored to your payment abilities;
  • Grace period on principal: up to 12 months;
  • Collateral: agricultural land;
  • Financing percentage: up to 100% of the size of the agricultural land valuation;
  • No application fee;
  • No commitment fee
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