Lease of agricultural land

Lease of agricultural land

When farmers have interest, Agrion provides opportunities for the sale of attractive consolidated parcels, because the company is looking for opportunities to establish and support profitable business endeavors. Each proposal is assessed and evaluated separately because we believe that the finished solutions do not always provide the best results.

Good land at a good price

Every year, Agrion offers to the Bulgarian farmers the possibility to rent or lease consolidated areas in all parts of the country.

The properties are rented according to the fairest mechanism on the market - through annual auctions with secret bidding.
Everyone can participate. That is how Agrion achieves a fair price that meets the demand and needs of the sector.

Direct negotiation of properties for rent and lease gives you the opportunity to find your property and negotiate the best price;

For several years, the process has been digitalized, which saves time and money for all our customers and partners.

How to begin?
  • Make an online request to ask about a specific agricultural land


  • Call us on the national free phone number 0800 111 66 for more information and details
How it happens

Every year Agrion announces the conditions for participation in the auctions for agricultural land for rent and lease and the terms for direct negotiation on its corporate website, in the mass media, as well as through e-mails and messages to all our partners and contractors.

In the section for rent and lease of agricultural land, everyone can look at the proposals, systematized by regions, settlements and land. For additional convenience, all the documents necessary to participate in the auctions for renting the properties are also published there.

Any candidate can download, fill and send them to the official address of the company by post or courier.

What you get

Agrion's experts have designed the procedure to ensure fair and transparent conditions for all participants in the auctions. The winning bidder is the participant who had offered the most attractive price and conditions for renting land from Agrion.



Frequently Asked Questions

Lease agreement
Through a lease agreement, the lessor provides the lessee with temporary use of agricultural land and/or immovable and movable property for agricultural production against a specified lease payment.
The minimum term of the lease agreement is five business years. "Fiscal year" means the period from October 1 of the current year to October 1 of the following year.
Lease payment
The price owed by the lessee for the use of the leased land for agricultural purposes. It can be negotiated in cash and/or in agricultural products and is on an annual basis.


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