Agrion offers great land deal levels

Agrion offers great land deal levels

Agrion’s experts offer individual approach to each inquiry to ensure a transparent and adequate price offer.

Agrion does not use the method of averaged valuation for a land that distorts pricing, but formulates the price of a particular property in accordance with a specially designed algorithm including various components.

The most common reason for selling farmland is the need for fresh money, especially after the Seasonal holidays. Instead of applying for loans, many landowners prefer to sell their fields.

Another major reason for agricultural land sale is the reluctance or inability of the owners to deal with the cultivation of the fields. Many landowners live in big cities and have no interest in cultivating their land. Their terrains are in remote areas and often the plots are subject to fierce litigation between numerous heirs. Owners in this situation almost always benefit from the free legal advice provided by Agrion's experienced lawyers.

Surveys show that the owners want to sell their land to companies that have proven they can take care of agricultural land, which is why there choice is most often Agrion.

Agrion is the most recognizable brand within landowners. For nearly 75 percent of them and more than half of the farmers in the company, Agrion is the preferred partner for land deals.

Everyone, who wants to know the market price of their land, can learn so by visiting Agrion’s offices, by filling out a form online, as well as via the national toll-free number 0800 111 66.


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