Agrion offers apiary properties for sale

Agrion offers apiary properties for sale

For the first time this year, the Beekeeping Sector will be supported by the Agri-Environment and Climate measure of the Rural Development Program in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP 2023-2027).
The two directions of the measure will stimulate activities for temporary placement of bee colonies in Natura 2000 areas and protection of bee colonies.
These additional funds are expected to encourage many people to turn to this sector.
Those who want to invest in land can view the selection of a real estate company special section
All can also be purchased in installments through Agrion's subsidiary Agrion Finance.
The next step is to contact the company's experts. The application can be submitted online, by phone, through the national number 08001166 or through the live chat system on the site. Agrion experts are available for a thorough consultation on the deal.
The properties offered on the site of "Agrion" are on the territory of the whole country, as the greatest interest is caused by those in the districts of Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Montana, Sofia.
So far, the practice shows that offers are submitted mainly by farmers and tenants who have serious intentions to increase and consolidate their properties. The purchase of land is an excellent opportunity for farmers to consolidate their plots and expand their farms. Consolidation increases productivity and reduces costs. It provides better conditions for mechanized land cultivation, which is a prerequisite for increasing yields and developing high value-added agriculture.
There is no lack of interest from other investors who have serious incomes and want to put them in profitable assets.


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