Agrion Finance introduces better terms for its service, agricultural land leasing

Agrion Finance introduces better terms for its service, agricultural land leasing

The company has significantly reduced interest rates and introduced more flexible leasing arrangements for agricultural land that fully meet the needs of small, medium and large farmers. In addition, the procedure and deadlines for granting funding are significantly reduced. By simplifying procedures and reducing deadlines, we want to enable more farmers to have access to finance, which will help them be more competitive in the market and to implement their business plans. The products are designed to meet the needs of everyone involved in agriculture. Land leasing is the most sought-after service offered by the company. Agrion Finance offers financing of up to 100% of the market valuation of the land. The Company guarantees transparent lower interest rates and clear rules for the entire loan period. A serious relief for farmers is the newly introduced individual repayment plans for each lessee. Agrion Finance can defer payment of the land for up to 10 years, and depending on the farmer's income, the installment may be paid even only once a year. If the price of the selected land coincides with the market valuation of the land, the lessee does not have to participate in the transaction with his own funds, but starts paying his lease payments directly. This is a major relief for small and medium-sized farmers, for whom self-participation is often a challenge. In practice, until the conclusion of the leasing contract, farmers have absolutely no cost and do not invest their own money. The grace period on the principal is up to 12 months Agrion Finance does not have an application review fee and the market valuation of the desired agricultural land is carried out by Agriion's experts and is absolutely free of charge. The amount of financing granted is only determined by the value of the property being offered as collateral. This is a step forward in helping entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses. There is also an option all the costs for the initial property-rights transfer to be carried as part of the financing sum. Information on the full terms and conditions of Agrion Finance's financial products can be found on the company's website at, on the toll-free national telephone number 0800 111 66 and at each of the company's offices throughout the country:


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