Agrion Finance offers credits against subsidies

Agrion Finance offers credits against subsidies

Agrion Finance has started offering loans against State Aid Fund approved subsidies under the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS) and other Common Agricultural Policy measures. The company is the first non-banking institution to provide credits against a pledge of future claims on the fund.

Agrion Finance provides financing up to 100% of the approved subsidy, with at least 3 years of successful subsidy history, the credit company said. For farmers who are just entering the business and have only one year of successful absorption of direct payments, the loan can reach 90% of the expected subsidy.

The maximum amount of funding is set at an individual limit, depending on the area declared, for which direct payments are expected. The maximum repayment period is 18 months and the principal grace period can be up to 17 months. An individual repayment plan for each borrower is applied, depending on its specific needs and the nature of its business.

The subsidy loan is fully adapted to the needs of farmers who receive their arable land subsidies and need fresh money for additional investments, land purchases and more. capital expenditures, Agrigon Finance said. The procedure for granting loans is as simple as possible and provides rapid and unimpeded financing to farmers.

In addition to the loans against a subsidy, the company also offers other creditsand credit lines, where the collateral is land or other real estate. Agricultural land is assessed free of charge for its market value and financing can reach up to 100% of the valuation. Information on the full terms and conditions of Agrion Finance loans can be found on the Company's website at

Agrion Finance's main objective is to provide adequate financing to farmers, which will allow them to be much more flexible and competitive on the market. The company's financial products are designed to support the activity of both large farmers and small farmers.


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