Uncontrolled pouring of money into land can lead to loss

Uncontrolled pouring of money into land can lead to loss

Pouring money into land unchecked can lead to loss. This is what Agrion CEO Anatoly Georgiev warns in an interview with 24 Hours newspaper.
According to him, land is an asset of refuge and it is normal in troubled times - war, pandemic, high inflation, its price to go up. However, this applies to good land, the land that provides products for our table. The sharp rise in the price of land that is clearly unsuitable for production is speculation aimed at a quick profit, says Agrion's director.
The greatest demand for land is in areas with conditions for active agricultural production - mainly Dobrudzha, parts of northern and southern Bulgaria. But the land available on the market is gradually decreasing. Companies, such as Agrion, have built up a substantial portfolio of agricultural land, which is still being rented and cultivated. Many people have trusted us in recent years and have sold their land to us because they know that in our hands it will be used for production and will not be deserted. Despite all this, there are still owners who do not know or do not care that they have a "dormant" asset that can be profitable at a time when they need it, adds Anatoly Georgiev.


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