The sale of land in January is the most profitable

The sale of land in January is the most profitable

Land sale in January guarantees the best deal for owners. The main reason is that many decide to put their offers on the market to fill empty pockets after the holidays.

At the same time, however, major players in the agricultural land market in Bulgaria are refraining from buying, due to the deepening crisis as a result of the Covid pandemic.

This makes the market unpredictable, which means that if you are looking for a deal, now is the time to find a buyer for your properties.

Fears are that agricultural property prices may continue to fall despite the vaccination process.

It is still not possible to fully calculate what the consequences of the pandemic will be, and of the increasingly problematic situation with drinking and irrigation water in the homeland.

If you have decided to sell or simply find out the price of your land, you can do this at no cost on the Agrion website or by calling the national number 0800 111 66.

With free valuation of terrains, we want to help farmland owners get a realistic idea of ​​the market value of their assets and what price to expect if they decide to sell their property. Due to the huge interest in our free assessment, this year we have expanded the team of experts who do it. We do our best for owners to receive their offer within two working days.

The experts apply an individual approach to each inquiry to guarantee a transparent and adequate price.

Unlike other companies, Agrion does not use the average valuation method for a given plot of land, which distorts pricing, but forms the price of the specific property in accordance with a specially created algorithm that includes various components.

The most common reason for selling farmland is the need for fresh cash, especially after the Christmas and New Year holidays. According to market surveys, a large number of plot owners are ready to sell their fields instead of applying to banks for loans, where the procedure is heavy, cumbersome and requires going through various institutions.

Another main reason for the deals with agricultural lands is the unwillingness or inability of the owners to deal with the cultivation of the fields. A large part of the landowners lives in the big cities and have no interest in cultivating their lands. Their lands are in remote areas and the plots are often the subject of bitter legal disputes between the numerous heirs. Owners who find themselves in a similar situation almost always benefit from the free legal advice provided by Agrion's experienced lawyers.

A survey shows that owners want to sell their land to companies that have proven they can take care of it, and therefore choose Agrion most often.

Agrion is the most recognizable agricultural land management brand for private owners. For nearly 75 percent of the land owners and over half of the tenants in the country, the company is the preferred partner to conclude a deal for agricultural land.


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