Agrion is the most recognizable agricultural brand

Agrion is the most recognizable agricultural brand

This comes out of a nationally representative survey of the attitudes of landowners. According to the survey, the company has established itself as the undisputed leader in the sale and purchase of agricultural land and significantly outstrips its main competitors in the sector. A sociological survey shows that every second landowner recognizes the name "Agrion", and among those who decide to sell their property, the recognition rate reaches a record 78%. For over 48,000 people planning to sell their property in the coming months, Agrion is the first choice for a buyer and partner. The main reason for Agryon's strong trust is the professional attitude to agricultural land and value-added services that the company offers to its partners and clients. The company guarantees a fair price to all landowners who choose to sell some of their property. The land valuation, which is free of charge for the owners, is performed by a specially designed algorithm that takes into account all the indicators involved in pricing. The free valuation helps the landowners get a real idea of the market valuation of their assets and what price to expect if they decide to sell the land. Thus, anyone wishing to understand the market value of the land they own can visit one of the offices of the company in the country or submit an online application for evaluation at Landowners will also be able to directly request an offer from Agrion if they wish the company to buy their land. The company also assists in collecting all the necessary documents for the transaction. This is of great importance for sellers, who in most cases are not aware of what documents to prepare and where from to obtain them. The agricultural asset management experts also offer free professional legal assistance to any landowner who has a property case or is just seeking advice on land relations.


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