Agrion buys land at a fair price and with a free appraisal

Agrion buys land at a fair price and with a free appraisal

Those who want to sell their land or just find out how much it costs, can do so absolutely free of charge in our section, as well as on the company's toll-free number 0800 111 66 .

Owners of parts of agricultural land can also sell them. For them, Agrion already has new conditions and a simplified procedure.

The company assists all those who own more than 25% of the plot area to conclude a deal for their property, without having to enter into complex and lengthy negotiations with the other co-owners.

For those who have decided to sell, Agrion offers a free appraisal of the property, as well as a fair price. With the free appraisals we want to help the owners of agricultural land to get a real idea of ​​the market valuation of their assets and what price to expect if they decide to sell their property. Due to the huge interest in our free evaluation, this year we have expanded the team of experts who make it. We do our best so that the owners can receive their offer within two working days.

Agrion applies an individual approach to each inquiry to ensure a transparent and adequate price. Unlike other companies, Agrion does not use the averaging method for a given land, which distorts the pricing, but forms the price of the specific property in accordance with a specially created algorithm, including various components.

Research shows that landlords want to sell their land to companies that have proven they can take care of it, so they choose Agrion most often.

Agrion is the most recognizable brand for private landowners. For nearly 75 percent of landowners and over half of the tenants in the country, the company is the preferred partner to conclude a deal for agricultural land.


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