60 seconds with Agrion issue 4

60 seconds with Agrion issue 4

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60 seconds with Agrion provides news, tips, articles and great offers from the world of agriculture, prepared by the Bulgarian leader in land management „Agrion“.

Every quarter we will inform you about the latest initiatives of the company, we will present the latest developments in agriculture, we will show you the best examples.

Our newsletter will keep you on the crest of the wave with the best offers for buying, selling land or agricultural loans .

At Agrion, we believe that informed choice is important, and as we train and develop our employees, we want to help you, our friends and partners.

The name of the newsletter is not chosen in vane.

Our aim is the reading of our newsletter to take a minimum of your valuable time, and the information you receive from it to be sufficient for at least a quarter.

60 seconds with Agrion issue 4

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"An informed person is difficult to manipulate," said Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Therefore: Be informed!

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