Agrion is recruiting agents across the country

Agrion is recruiting agents across the country

Anyone who needs additional income is welcome to join our team. We offer the best commissions in the industry and fast payment of what is due. We do not set a ceiling on commissions and guarantee full payment to our agents. Additional monetary incentives are provided upon reaching certain levels.

Agrion does not restrict the field in which its agents work or have worked. They can be real estate brokers, insurance agents, people offering quick loans or pension insurance, car dealers, accountants, unemployed, even without any experience.

Those interested can get additional information or directly apply via phone 089 555 7007 or email

All agents receive free training and full support from Agrion experts throughout the process. The company provides free legal consultations and commercial advice for their potential clients.

According to agents who already offer the services of the agricultural company, the Agrion brand helps them to conclude deals much easier. People recognize the name of the company, have confidence in the company, which greatly facilitates the work. According to a survey of property owners' attitudes, Agrion enjoys the greatest trust in the industry. Over 53% of the respondents are familiar with the company's activities, and most landowners who have decided to sell indicate Agrion as a preferred partner in the deal.


You can make an inquiry directly to our head office, by phone or email

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