Frequently asked questions

Do you buy agricultural land?

Yes, the activity of Agrion includes the agricultural assets management and the purchase of land in all regions of Bulgaria. We have 21 offices across the country where you can get information about the price and opportunities for active management of your land. The company believes that the natural use of the land is to be used for agricultural production, and in this way the highest efficiency is achieved. On the other hand, investment in agriculture is a matter of long-term planning and proper structuring. Therefore, for the owners of agricultural land who do not intend to enter in this industry permanently, a decision is to grant on lease their property or to offer it for sale. The first decision conceals certain risks - whether the tenant is correct; whether and how he will take care of the earth; whether he will pay you regularly his rents; therefore, the sale appears to be a more secure alternative with better financial effect. No matter what you choose, seek professional advice from exeprienced experts who have observations on the market.

Does Agrion buy forests, orchards, vineyards, etc.?

Yes, the company offers similar possibility, but each property is treated individually.

Can I sell the land if I am only a joint owner?

When you are a joint owner of a certain property, you have the right to dispose with your ideal part of it – i.e. to sell, transfer, mortgage it, etc. The activity of Argion’s company includes the purchase of ideal part of a property if it is not bound by long-term contracts. Our brokers will explain you in detail the procedure and will assist you with legal advice what the best option in this situation is.

Can I sell only a part of my property - for example, 3 acres from a land of 9 acres?

Yes, there are no limits to the amount of land which you are selling.

What documents do I need if I want to sell my land?

In general, in the sale of land you need a proof of ownership (decision of the land commission, deed or partition agreement), current sketch of the property and tax assessment. You can acquire a current sketch of the property from the relevant Municipal Agricultural Department (MAD), and the tax assessment – from the relevant tax office. If the landlord has died, you need to include a certificate of inheritance. The document is obtained from the municipality where the last registered address of the deceased is.

Should I offer the land for sale first to the tenant, who processes it?

Pursuant to the Property Law and use of farm land, you have no obligation to offer the land for sale first to the tenant.

Can I get the rent/lease from land before I sell it?

Yes. Agrion offers you this opportunity.

When is the payment of the deal made?

Agrion pays the agreed amount on the day of the deal. You can get your money in cash or by bank transfer.

What other transaction costs will I have?

The only costs to predict, are related to the preparation and procurement of the required documents. All other expenses are paid by the company. Brokers of the company will stand by you at every step of the transaction.

How can I sell land that I have inherited?

You shall aqcuire a certificate of inheritance, which to add to the other required documents for the sale of agricultural land. In case you are several heirs, the others must also give their consent for the sale before the notary or to authorize you by a notarized power of attorney to represent them at the finalizing the transaction and to sell their inheritance shares.

Can Agrion take care of acquiring the required documents for the transaction?

Yes, representative of Agrion can acquire the required documents on your behalf. For this aim, you shall sign a power of attorney. Ask our brokers how you can easily do this.

Should the document of ownership be registered at the court or at the relevant Department of Agriculture?

Yes, this is a must.

Can I sell a land that was donated to me by a will?

Yes, but at the conclusion of the purchase you are required to submit the will, which was duly entered in court.

Is husband/wife required to participate in the sale purchase transaction?

If your land is acquired by a sale purchase transaction during marriage, then at the finalizing the transaction before a notary, your husband/wife must also participate. The same condition applies when you have made a voluntary partition of a hereditary property during marriage and in the partition agreement it is stated that some of the other co-partitioner has received a cash payment from you called "Equation of the shares." However, when at voluntary partition of inherited property, there was no payment of equalization amount, then the sale of the property does not need the consent of your husband/wife.

What determines the price of the land?

Pricing of agricultural land is a complex process dependent on many factors such as: location, quality, size of the cultivated area, the availability of long-term contract on it, credits related to the property, etc. All the economic and business environment in Bulgaria has impact, it shall be taken in mind the climatic factor that affects the harvest of an agricultural area. Any economic uncertainty may play a negative role on the price of your asset. In summary, the price of each parcel is strictly individual. Therefore, the experts of Agrion make a detailed analysis of your particular property to offer you the best offer for its purchase.

If I get an offer for several properties that I own, can I not sell them all?

The decision on how to dispose with the owned property is entirely in your hands. The purpose of Agrion is to give you complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of the agricultural asset and advice on how to take advantage of them. If an offer does not satisfy you, you can delay the decision on the sale of your uncultivated property for a later period.