Land leasing

Land leasing

Whether you need funds to prepare for the coming farming season, want to buy
land or modernize your production, Agrion is here to support you:

Agrion Finance aoffers agricultural land leasing, with up to 100% financing. The valuation of the property is absolutely free of charge to farmers.

In years of pandemics, crises and avalanche prices, farmers are increasingly looking for a way to reschedule their obligations. As a nationally responsible company, Agrion Finance goal has always been to support Bulgarian agriculture.
We offer flexible and favorable conditions for leasing agricultural land, fully meeting the needs of small, medium and large farmers.

Agrion Finance's most popular product is land leasing. The company offers up to 100% financingThis is a serious benefit for farmers who have the opportunity to buy land without disrupting their financial planning or to obtain the necessary financing without losing assets.


How to begin?

Make an online request for a quote for the property you are interested in or contact us on our national freephone number 0800 111 66.

We offer


  • Amount of leasing financing: at client's request;
  • Size of self-participation: with possibility of no initial self-participation;
  • Purpose: agricultural land purchase or refinancing on already purchased agricultural land;
  • Transparent interest rate throughout the loan period;
  • Repayment terms: maximum 5 years;
  • Repayment plan: tailored to your payment abilities;
  • Grace period on principal: up to 12 months;
  • Collateral: agricultural land;
  • Financing percentage: up to 100% of the size of the agricultural land valuation;
  • No application and commitment fees
What you get

For land purchase or leaseback:

  • Agrion Finance does not deduct a fee for examining the documents and for assessing the compensation.
  •  The collateral is agricultural land, and the repayment plan depends on the specific needs of the lessee.
  • Farmers can choose how many installments and when to pay their lease, taking into account these payments with the income they have by period.
  • We do not charge a fee for reviewing documents, and there is no commitment fee.
  • For registered farmers and legal entities, a credit history and a detailed business plan are not required, as are the mandatory conditions of other credit institutions.


You can make an inquiry directly to our head office, by phone or email

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