Agrion‘s portfolio includes a wide range of services, 
mainly associated with the active management of lands in Bulgaria, 
so as to ensure sustainable and long-term development of domestic agriculture.

Lease of agricultural land

When farmers have interest, Agrion provides opportunities for giving them attractive consolidated parcels, because the company is looking for opportunities to establish and support profitable business endeavors.

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Purchase of agricultural land

We buy agricultural land. We can finalize the deal within two hours.

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Agricultural land exchange

We substitute agricultural land at attractive terms for you.

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Legal advice

Agrion offers free legal advice related to agricultural land.

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Consultations and provision of market information

At Agrion offices nationwide anyone can get a free consultation about which are the most appropriate options for agricultural lands management.

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Free inspection of property

Agrion’ experts assist with verification of the land’s ownership completely free in case of inheritance.

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