Prices of agricultural land in Bulgaria are determined by market conditions - respectively by supply and demand, but also by a large group of other factors such as location, size, and encumbrances. An important factor is the size of the plot, as larger ones prevail; consolidated parcels that generate high returns. Land’s category is also important, as well as the received rent, the availability of a long-term contract, investment interest in the region. The price of land is determined also by whether there is road access nearby, whether the land is watered, what is grown on it or it is free space, what products can be grown.

All these criteria are manifested differently for each separate plot. Therefore, the experts of Agrion evaluate and treat individually every entered request of agricultural land’s sale to offer the most competitive market price. If you want to receive an offer corresponding to your particular property, you can visit the company's offices across the country or submit an online request -   here .