A profitable lease from Agrion helps farmers in the crisis

A profitable lease from Agrion helps farmers in the crisis

In a year of pandemic and rising prices of raw materials, farmers are increasingly looking for a way to reschedule their obligations over time.

The land leasing conditions of Agrion Finance, a subsidiary of Agrion, the leader in land management, are aiming at helping farmers.

 Agrion Finance offers flexible and competitive conditions for leasing agricultural land, fully meeting the needs of small, medium and large farmers. At the same time, the company enables its customers to receive up to 100% financing of the market value of the land, they have chosen to buy, and significantly shortens the procedure and terms for granting financing. No co-op is required for the deal. This is a major relief for farmers who are able to buy property without disrupting their financial planning or get the necessary financing without divesting themselves of assets.


With our products, we want to enable more farmers to have access to financing that will help them be more competitive and realize their business plans. The products have been developed to meet the needs of everyone involved in agriculture.

Every customer can find detailed information on the Agrion website without leaving home or visiting sales offices.

A major relief for farmers is the preparation of an individual repayment plan for each.

Farmers can choose how many installments and when to pay off their lease, matching those payments to the income they have over time. The company does not charge a fee for reviewing documents, and there is no commitment fee.

 For registered farmers and legal entities, a credit history and a detailed business plan are not required, as are the mandatory conditions of other credit institutions.

 Agrion Finance does not deduct a fee for examining the documents and for assessing the compensation. The market evaluation of the desired agricultural land is carried out by Agrion's experts and is absolutely free for the lessee. The amount of financing granted is determined only by the value of the property offered as collateral. This is a step forward in helping entrepreneurs who are just starting their business. There is also an opportunity for the company to finance the costs of the transfer of the property.

Full information on Agrion Finance products can also be found on the national telephone number 0800 111 66.


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