Landowners sell their agricultural land to meet immediate costs

Landowners sell their agricultural land to meet immediate costs

One of the most common reasons for selling agricultural land is the need for money to meet immediate payments. This is clear from a survey of landowners' attitudes. Landowners decide to sell, when they are about to acquire another property, arrange a wedding, support a student or have an upcoming trip abroad. Many of them tend to sell some of their properties instead of borrowing from a bank. The sale procedure is much faster and simpler and saves a lot of additional cost for the owners.

According to the aggregate data of real estate brokers, about 870,000 decares of land are declared for sale in the whole country at the moment. The number of owners who want to make a deal for the land they own exceeds 58,000 people.

A study, conducted by Agrion, shows that the leading factor in choosing a buyer is the security of the deal and the speed of its completion. Most landowners prefer the potential buyer to be a Bulgarian company that has proven in time to be a good landlord and partner and take care of the land it manages. More than 75% of sellers cited "Agrion" as their preferred bargaining partner. The company holds a leading position among companies whose services landowners and sellers would benefit from. It is the most recognized brand in the agricultural industry.

Agrion offers free land valuation and legal advice on all matters related to the ownership, inheritance and sale of agricultural properties. Anyone wishing to understand the market value of the land they own can visit one of the company's offices in the country or submit an online evaluation application at The company continues to buy properties all over the country in an accelerated procedure and at competitive prices.

Agrion's experts apply an individual approach to each farm land inquiry in order to ensure a transparent and adequate price. Unlike other companies, we do not use the method of averaged valuation for a land that distorts pricing, but we form the price for each specific property, in accordance with a specially designed algorithm that includes different indicators.


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