Agrion with new, even more attractive credit packages for farmers

The new leasing scheme saves the farmes money

A new financial package, aimed at helping the farmers, is offered by the leader in agricultural land management, Agrion.

Thus, we hope to help farmers overcome more easily the negative sides of the pandemic, and the consequencesof the poor harvest in some parts of the country.

Agrion Finance offers new, more favorable terms for its most popular product - land leasing.

As a nationally responsible company, our goal has always been to support Bulgarian agriculture, so we have developed a special package to help local farmers get through this difficult situation. Access to finance is often one of the main reasons people do not engage in agriculture. Therefore, our products will reach farmers easier, faster and most of all beneficial for them.

Agrion Finance's most popular product is land leasing. The company offers up to 100% financing.This is a serious benefit for farmers who have the opportunity to buy land without disrupting their financial planning or to obtain the necessary financing without losing assets.

The appraisal of the property is done by Agrion experts and is free of charge. If it coincides with the price of the plot, the farmer does not owe an initial installment, but directly begins to repay lease payments. The collateral is agricultural land, and the repayment plan depends on the specific needs of the lessee. Farmers can choose how many installments and when to pay their lease, taking into account these payments with the income they have by period. The company does not charge a fee for reviewing documents, there is no commitment fee.

Registered farmers and legal entities are not required to prove a credit history or to present a detailed business plan, as are the mandatory conditions of other credit institutions.

An additional relief is that the application can be done almost entirely digitally - through the section The client can perform almost all operations on the site without having to leave home and constantly visit offices.

The aim is to make it as easy as possible for small and medium-sized producers and landowners, who often cannot meet the high requirements of other credit institutions. One of the major advantages of the company is that no transfer of accounts is required. Most financial institutions have explicit requirements for cash flows to flow through them in the event of a lease.

A study by Agrion Finance shows that every fourth landowner has needed additional financing in the last year, and more than 200,000 people have taken out a loan.

Full information about Agrion Finance products can also be given on the toll-free number 0800 111 66.