Agrion sells attractive agricultural plots at attractive prices

Agrion sells attractive agricultural plots at attractive prices

The size of the parcels that have not yet been sold, as well as their exact location, can be seen at here

The proposals can benefit farmers who want to expand their holdings, investors who want to buy land or people who want to invest in high-yielding land. Prices start at BGN 300 / dka, which is well below the average market values ​​in the country. The land can also be bought in installments of up to 36 months, with a minimum down payment of 10%. The option of deferred payment is increasingly popular with potential buyers. This option benefits mostly smaller farmers who are looking for different options to acquire agricultural land without having to pay for it at once. In this way, they have the opportunity to invest their cash in machinery or higher quality seeds, leading to more efficient and modern farming. Attractive terrains are attracting the interest not only of traditional buyers, but also of more and more young people who want to escape from the busy everyday life of the city and develop modern organic farming.

Land consolidation is another reason for buying agricultural plots: it leads to increased productivity and reduced costs. It provides better conditions for mechanized cultivation, which is a prerequisite for increasing yields and developing high value-added agriculture. The enlargement of land also helps to create a better price for agricultural land. The value of consolidated properties is much higher than the average for a given region, even when comparing terrains on the same land. In the five years since it has been on the market, Agrion has become the preferred bargaining partner for landowners and tenants. According to a national marketing survey, every second tenant and nearly 75 percent of landowners trust the company and choose it as their preferred business partner. Anyone who wants to buy, sell land or get advice on their land can do so on the website, on the national phone number 080011166 or locally, at the company's offices throughout the country. In each of the regional offices, interested parties can obtain expert advice, market information and commercial and legal advice free of charge.


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