Agrion releases for sale nearly 28,000 decares of agricultural land in 700 villages

Agrion releases for sale nearly 28,000 decares of agricultural land in 700 villages

Agrion announced the sale of nearly 5,000 quality and fertile plots, starting at BGN 300 / dka.

A total of nearly 28,000 decares are offered in over 700 lands in the country. Full information on the size and location of the plots the company sells can be found on the company's website at here, at the toll-free national telephone number 080011166 or locally at the offices of Agrion. At present the demand for our terrains around Shumen, Pleven, Burgas and Stara Zagora is the strongest.

Applicants for fertile land are large property owners, smaller farmers or tenants. Traditionally, the majority of agricultural land is purchased by farmers who want to expand their holdings, but in recent months there has been a tendency for the land to be bought by beekeepers and growers working in orchards. There is a strong interest in Agrion land from investors looking for suitable land to invest their free funds. They are redirecting their savings into higher-yielding instruments, such as investments in agricultural land. Buying land can bring a secure income to buyers if they subsequently decide to rent or lease it.

The accounts show that after purchasing the land and renting it, it brings the owner at least 5% yield. One of the reasons for the strong interest in the land of Agrion is the high confidence that the company has created among farmers and tenants. According to a national survey conducted within landowners, nearly 80% of buyers recognize Agrion as the preferred and trusted partner and prefer to make a deal with the company.

Agrion’s land can also be purchased on a deferred payment, for a period of 3 years, with a minimum initial self-contribution. This form of payment is mainly used by large companies that buy a large amount of land in order to enlarge their property, as well as small farmers who will be able to buy neighbouring plots without having to pay for them. for the plots. In this way, they can invest their free money in machinery or higher quality seeds, leading to more efficient and modern farming. By selling attractive properties, we want to help our partners across different land consolidate their land and allow more people to own and earn land.


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