Agrion sells agricultural land at attractive prices

The leader in agricultural asset management offers deferred payment on the land plots

Agrion, leader in land asset management, offers quality and fertile land for sale nationwide, at attractive prices. Full information about the size and location of the plots the company sells can be found on the tollfree national number 080011166 or in the offices of the company. Buyers can get expert advice, legal advice and market information absolutely free of charge. There is also a possibility to payfor the selected land on installments,for a period of up to 3 years, with a minimum advance payment. The sale of attractive properties gives more people the opportunity to profit from agricultural development and from owning agricultural land. The purchase of land is an excellent opportunity for farmers to enlarge their holdings. Land consolidation increases productivity and reduces costs. It provides better conditions for mechanized tillage, which is a prerequisite for increasing yields and developing a high value-added agriculture. The value of consolidated properties is much higher than the average at any given region, even when comparing terrains on the same plots. Much of the buyers are people who subsequently rent out or lease out the land. This yields a secure good yield that far exceeds that of bank deposits or other low-risk instruments. There is a strong interest in Agrion land from investors looking for suitable land to invest their free funds. Most of them are Bulgarians living abroad or those with higher income who have saved money over the years.