Agrion organizes free medical examinations throughout the country

Agrion organizes free medical examinations throughout the country

Agrion Invest has been organizing free medical checkups across the country as part of the National Health Days initiative. Medical teams will visit 120 small settlements in the country, where they will analyze the blood sugar and blood pressure of all comers and give free information about the general health of the examined. Visitors to Agrion Health Centers will also receive many helpful tips on how to prevent diabetes and normalize their blood pressure. This year, the partner of the initiative is the company Medhouse Swiss Bulgaria, which is part of the Swiss corporation Medpack Swiss Group. The company distributes on the Bulgarian market high quality medical products from leading manufacturers. The free examinations will take place between September 17, 2019 and October 6, 2019. Three medical teams will visit two villages daily, each. You can find information about the dates and locations where the Agrion mobile medical station will be located on our website at on our Facebook page Visitors will be able to participate in a raffle with prizes provided by Agrion and Medhouse Suites Bulgaria, and in each settlement, one of the raffle participants will win an automatic Gamma Control blood counting device. Discount coupons up to BGN10 are available for all event attendees with the purchase of Dr. Blood automatic devices. Frei in the Nursery chain. The purpose of the Health Days initiative is to assist Bulgarian healthcare in the prevention of the most vulnerable groups, such as people from small settlements and the elderly. We want to promote the prevention of socially significant diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Free examinations, on the other hand, save people time and resources for researching and visiting health facilities, which are often far away from villages. “Swiss TM Dr. Frei and the Mareshki chain of pharmacies support the national Health Days campaign, because in this way, we have the opportunity to draw people's attention to hypertension prevention. Informed - So Armed, ”said Medhouse Suis Bulgaria. In 2018, during the National Health Days campaign, the medical teams hired by Agrion, examined more than 24,000 people, some of whom were diagnosed with diabetes and increased symptoms blood pressure only during prophylactic examinations. We believe that we must treat our own health with the same responsibility as our land, and we are working hard in this direction


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