Agrion opens the first online store for agricultural land

Agrion opens the first online store for agricultural land

The bidding to rentor lease fertile land from Agrigon begins. The company, a leader in agricultural land management, will lease the land through the option of fully digital contracting with farmers and tenants.

The company is constantly striving to introduce innovative and fair methods for setting rent levels, and now, in a state of emergency, it offers a safe and adequate alternative to face-to-face negotiations: a digital process. From the complete information on land parcels for rent, through negotiation and finalization of the deal. On our official site, anyone can look at the proposals, organized by districts, settlements and lands. Once the farmers have selected the land they will need for the agricultural 2020-2021, they will continue negotiations in their preferred way.

One of the reasons for switching to the digital way of communication is the pandemic measures of social distance. The digital processreduces the risk to health for both the company customers and the sales staff.

The most important thing we need to tell our partners and clients is that Agrion continues to operate despite the pandemic. To make it even easier for farmers, this year we are offering the opportunity for a fully digital process of the rental and lease campaign. With each passing year, our clients are becoming more and more convinced that the determination of the rental levels at Agrion is the most honest and transparent.

Agrion's experts have designed the procedure to ensure fair and transparent conditions for all participants. There are no hidden clauses and agreements, and the winner is the one who offered the most attractive conditions for renting land from Agrigon.

Hiring fertile land is especially suitable for young farmers who do not have the necessary funds to buy their own or need initial funding to grow their holdings.

The full conditions for land leasing can also be found on the national telephone number 08001166.

Land tenure negotiations allow anyone who wants to engage in agriculture to do so, even if they have no previous experience in farming. This is also an exceptional opportunity for people outside the agricultural sector who do not have the financial capacity or desire to buy their own land.

Equal and fair conditions for land leasing enable all market participants to obtain quality land for cultivation and to be more competitive. This is a chance for small and medium tenants to overcome encapsulation between tenants in certain regions.

So far, the practice shows that offers are submitted mainly by farmers who have serious intentions to expand and enlarge their properties. However, inquiries from smaller holdings looking to enter new land are increasing each year.


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