Agrion offers new, improved conditions to owners of ideal parts of land

Agrion offers new, improved conditions to owners of ideal parts of land

The company offers assistanceto all interested who own more than 25% of the land plot,to make a deal for their property without having to enter into complicated and lengthy negotiations with the co-owners.

Ideal parts deals are a relatively new segment of the market. Until recently, those selling entire properties prevailed. However, due to frequent misunderstandings or lack of contact with the other owners, more and more people who own ideal parts prefer to sell them, instead of getting into disputes or difficulties. In the case of sale of an ideal part, the buyers become co-owners with the other natural or legal persons owning the rest of the plot.

Agrion legal experts also give free advice to those who have tangled cases of inherited property. Often, tangled cases with heirs and tenants preventsthe ownersfrom earning income from it. Agrion can also help solving these problems so that owners can profit from their farmland without having to pay for expensive consultations.

The most common cases that Agrion lawyers resolve are hereditary. Often the land is torn between dozens of heirs, some of whom live outside the country. Agrion's experts have proven that they can find solutions to such cases, even with 30 owners from different parts of the country and abroad.

For those who decide to sell, Agrion offers a free property valuation as well as a fair price. Unlike other companies, Agrion does not use the method of averaged valuation for a land (which distorts pricing) but instead forms the price of a particular property with a specially designed algorithm that guarantees a fair deal.


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