Agrion offers a digital process for agricultural land renting

Agrion offers a digital process for agricultural land renting

The company, a leader in agricultural land management, will lease the land to farmers and tenants through secret tenders and, for the first time, with a fully digital way to apply..

The deadline for submitting applications is 23:59 h on April 16, 2021.

The company is constantly striving to introduce innovative and fair methods for determining rental levels, and now, in a state of emergency, a safe and adequate alternative to renting land: a fully digital procedure of the whole process - from complete information on land packages, which is given, during the submission of the offer and partially until the conclusion of the transaction. Here, can go through the land packages, systematized by districts and settlements.

For additional convenience, all the documents necessary for participation in the tenders are published on the site. Each candidate can download them, fill them in and send them to the official address of the company by mail or courier.

Agrion was the first company in the market to introduce auctions as the fairest tool for determining rental levels. Previously, the practice was for large landlords to negotiate rents directly with tenants on specific land.

The digital land lease option is part of Agrion's long-term innovation strategy. For the even greater convenience of farmers, this year we offer the opportunity for a fully digital process of the campaign for leasing and renting land. With each passing year, our clients increase, as they see for themselves that the determination of rent levels in Agrion is the most honest and transparent.


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