Agrion is looking for farmers to lease fertile land

Agrion is looking for farmers to lease fertile land

Agrion, the largest land management company, is looking for farmers to lease fertile land. Traditionally, in May, the company pulls a prestigious selection of land from its vast portfolio that it leases out through direct negotiation.
Our experts have designed the procedure to ensure fair and transparent negotiations for all participants. There are no hidden clauses and no one enjoys an advantage.
Farmers are warned to hurry, as the amount of land available for direct negotiation is decreasing after the successful auctioning campaign.
The measure is particularly suited to young farmers who do not have the necessary funds to buy land or who need seed funding to develop their farms. All properties can be viewed here .
We also offer a fully digital tenancy option - from full property information, through to application and part way through to transaction. At anyone can browse the offers systematized by districts, localities and land.
Renting land enables all market players to expand the area they cultivate and be more competitive.
According to Eurostat, Bulgaria is among the countries in Europe with the highest share of rented land - nearly 70 percent. By comparison, the relative share of rented land in developed countries in the EU is around 50% of the used agricultural land.
One of the main reasons is the fragmented ownership of land in our country.
Statistics show that lease and rent are the easiest way to unify farms. According to studies from Austria and Germany, the costs are lowest when cultivating 50-100 acres. To achieve this size of farm, farmers have to negotiate with dozens of small landowners or large landowners like Agrion. Experience shows that more and more farmers choose Agrion as a partner because of the fair and honest conditions the company offers.


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