Agrion Finance turned 5 years old

In March 2021, Agrion's financial company, Agrion Finance, turned 5 years old. 

During these 60 months, the company managed to establish itself as a market leader in non-bank financing for agriculture.

Hundreds of farmers have received support for their plans, and the number is growing every year.

In recent years, the company has built a strong team of experts who are not only partners to the Bulgarian farmers, but also active assistants with advice and valuable contacts for the development of the entire business of the client.

Thanks to the efforts of the Agrion Finance team, it has become the most recognizable brand among Bulgarian farmers. The formula on which the company relied from the very beginning has been advantageous and affordable credit products, with a personal attitude towards the client. This obviously fit like a glove theagricultural business and they have turned from clients into supporters of the company.

Many thanks and congratulations to the team that made this success possible!