Agrion Finance provides loans with a simplified procedure

Agrion Finance provides loans with a simplified procedure

Agrion Finance has seen a strong increase in loan applications since the beginning of the year. In just three years, since its launch, the company has become a trusted and preferred partner for both farmers and landowners. Information on the full terms and conditions of Agrion Finance loans can be found on the Company's website at Anyone who owns land can benefit from the company's credit products, whether they are farmers or engaged in another activity. Part of Agrion Finance's borrowers are private individuals who own agricultural land.

The financing conditions and opportunities have been designed to meet the needs and requirements of the agricultural sector, both large and small farmers and individuals.

Agrion Finance offers its customers standard mortgages, loans for working capital and land leasing. The company does not place restrictions on the sector in which the farmer works. There is no funding ceiling, there is an individual limit to each borrower, depending on their specific needs. We have also provided for an option for a grace period of payments, and the repayment plans are tailored to the farmers' capabilities, Agrion Finance states.

The procedure for granting loans from Agrion Finance is maximally simplified and the time frames are significantly shortened. Farmers are not being asked for guarantors, business plans, balance sheets or other accounting documents. The only thing the company wants in a pledge is agricultural land or other real estate. The agricultural plots are subject to a free estimate of their market value, with financing up to 100% of the valuation.

According to experts, one of the most significant benefits of Agrion's financial services is that until the loan is granted, borrowers have no cost. There is no fee for document review and an engagement fee. For individuals, it is also possible to refinance up to the amount of the principal already repaid. The maximum loan amount does not depend on the amount of income of the individual, but is determined by the pledge.

Agrion enables clients of a financial company to have money whenever they need it. Those who wish can be granted a line of credit at which interest is paid only at the real amount that people use. Farmers are also given the opportunity to lease the land they have chosen. There is also an opportunity to finance the costs of the property transfer.


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