Agrion Finance grants financing for farmers, quicker and with a simplified procedure

Agrion Finance grants financing for farmers, quicker and with a simplified procedure

New, even more attractive terms for financing farmers are offered by Agrion's subsidiary, Agrion Finance. The measure is in response to increased demand for funding in late winter.

Agrion Finance is one of the most active lending institutions in agriculture and is highly trusted among landowners and farmers.

With the new terms of Agrion Finance, the application process is optimized and the loan granting timeframes are significantly reduced. The company offers the full range of financial products demanded by farmers:standard mortgages, loans for working capital, loans against subsidies, and the most popular product - land leasing.

For the mortgage loan, the minimum amount of financing is BGN 10 thousand and the repayment period is up to 15 years, with the collateral being agricultural land. The repayment plan is prepared according to the specific needs of the farmer. Registered farmers and legal entities are not required to have a borrower's credit history and a detailed business plan, whichare compulsory for other credit institutions.

The terms of the Working capital Loan are similar. The financing provided is up to 80% of the amount of the market valuation of the agricultural land (which is carried out completely free of charge by Agrion). There are no fees for applying and documents review, no additional insurance required for the benefit of the lender, no requirement for guarantors or co-debtors.

Agrion Finance also offers agricultural land leasing, with up to 100% financing. The valuation of the property is made by Agrión experts and is absolutely free of charge to farmers.

The purpose of the company is to make it easier for small and medium-sized producers and landowners, who often don’t have easy access to funding. The company finances both large producers and medium and small-scale farmers.

One of the most common reasons for farmers to seek financing is to buy land to expand their farms, pay off old debts or refinance loans already drawn. Among the most common borrowers are people who need start-up capital to start farming. They do not have access to bank financing and therefore seek loans from specialized companies.


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