Agrion buys fields at a promotional price

Agrion buys fields at a promotional price

A unique promotion for the purchase of agricultural land has been announced by the largest agricultural asset management company, Agrion. Until December 17, the company will pay BGN 30 per hectare, above the agreed market price. This means that if the plots are about 10 decars, the sellers will receive 300 BGN extra, over and above what was agreed.

The other advantage is that this can be done almost entirely digitally.

If you have decided to sell or simply find out the price of your land, you can do so on the Agrion website, section, without costing you anything.

With these funds, the company wants to help the owners of agricultural land in a difficult time. Selling inherited agricultural properties is a way to help the family budget, without seeking loans from banks or other institutions. A free land evaluation can be added to this promotion, as well as accelerated terms for receiving an offer - up to 2 working days from submission.

In order to take advantage of the promotional offer for a bonus of BGN 30 per decare, the owners must offer their fields (or ideal parts thereof) for sale to Agrion, by 17.12.2021 inclusive, the transaction itself can be completed and after this period. The bonus is only for owners, individuals. Transactions with intermediaries are excluded. Requests are accepted on the national freephone 080011166 or online at

Our experts apply an individual approach to each inquiry to guarantee a transparent and adequate price. Unlike other companies, Agrion does not use the average valuation method for a given plot of land, which distorts pricing, but forms the price of the specific property in accordance with a specially created algorithm that includes various components.

A survey shows that owners want to sell their land to companies that have proven they can take care of it, and therefore choose Agrion as a preferred partner .

 Agrion is the most recognizable agricultural land management brand for private owners. For nearly 75 percent of the land owners and over half of the tenants in the country, the company is the preferred partner to conclude a deal for agricultural land.


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