Agrimart for Bulgarian Farmer: Smart technologies, good harvest

We want to do agriculture the way it is done in the world ", the manager of Agrimart, Nikolay Minev, in front of Bulgarian Farmer

How is modern agriculture made? With a team dominated by young people, who know, can and do things at high speed. Thus begins a material dedicated to the subsidiary of Agrion, Agrimart, in the most authoritative agricultural publication in Bulgaria "Bulgarian Farmer"
"It is not important for us to grow in area, but rather to be efficient with the available equipment and the people we have. We want to do agriculture the way we see it done around the world ", the manager Nikolay Minev, who is also COO of" Agrion ", is categorical in front of the newspaper.
Nikolai understands well how agriculture is done, and at a global level. Prior to joining Agrion, he worked for a large international consulting firm. He was also involved in IT business. Now, with the enthusiasm of a man in his mid-30s, he applies what he has learned in agriculture, "Bulgarian Farmer" wrote in his report.

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