Agriion participates at BATA AGRO, with a promotional offer for loans

Agriion participates at BATA AGRO, with a promotional offer for loans

Agrion Finance offers a special promotional interest rate for its first year universal mortgage loans of 2.9%. The promotion was presented during the BATA AGRO International Exhibition, which is being held in Stara Zagora and will be valid until June 17, 2019. The preferential terms apply for loans up to BGN 200k with a minimum repayment period of 60 months. The grace period for principal payments is 12 months. After the promotional first year, the interest rate by the end of the period will be 8.5%. All farmers and interested parties who visit the Agrion booth during the international fair will receive a special promo code that will allow them to take advantage of the promotional conditions. Agricultural land or other real estate is accepted as collateral, with a financing rate of up to 80% of their market valuation. Another major relief for farmers is that the valuation of agricultural land is completely free of charge to the borrower and is carried out by the company experts. Information on the full terms and conditions of Agrion Finance loans can be found on the Company's website at The calculations show that the financial effect for the farmers from the promotional interest may exceed BGN 11k. The credit services experts who are at the Agrion booth during BATA AGRO are ready to explain to everyone who wants the opportunities the loan provides, as well as the application and approval process. Agrion Finance aims to facilitate access to credits for small and medium-sized producers, who often cannot meet the complex requirements of larger institutions. For this reason, we have simplified the loan process as much as possible. The opening of additional accounts, insurances, involvement of contracting authorities and co-debtors is not required. There is also no requirement to develop detailed business plans, reports and analyzes. Applications are free of charge. In practice, the farmer owes nothing before he or she is sure that they will receive the desired financing. The financing conditions and opportunities have been designed to cover as much as possible the needs and requirements of the agricultural sector, both large and small farmers and individuals. Agrion Finance also offers its clients loans for working capital and land leasing. The company does not place restrictions on the sector in which the borrower operates. There is no funding ceiling, there is an individual limit for each borrower, depending on their specific needs.


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