"Joseph Miladinov prepares for the Olympics with the help of Agrion" – says the family of the fastest young Bulgarian swimmer

"Joseph Miladinov prepares for the Olympics with the help of Agrion" – says the family of the fastest young Bulgarian swimmer

The fastest swimmer in Bulgaria, Joseph Miladinov, prepares for the Olympics with the help of "Agrion". At the end of last year, the leader in agricultural land management awarded a scholarship to the prosperous athlete of Plovdiv.

"This help came at a crucial time when we have to train for the biggest professional challenge facing Joseph - the Olympics in Tokyo," said his father, Milen Miladinov.

The family currently lives in Switzerland, and our young swimmer has no sponsors and relies only on family savings to get ready for the Games.

At the World Junior Championships in Budapest (Hungary), Miladinov was the first in the history of Bulgarian swimming, to go down the 52 sec limit in a 100m butterfly. With 51.91 sec, he covered the A standard for the Tokyo Olympics (the result for the ranking is below 51.96 sec).

Yosif Miladinov was born in Plovdiv and his first trainer was Slavyana Radenkova at the local railway station "Mladost 91". Then he went on to train with the first Bulgarian who had ever swam in the European final - Stefan Georgiev. In the fall of 2014, his family moved to the German city of Erfurt. "I continued to win races there and realized that I was really good. Still, 7 million people live in Bulgaria and 70 million in Germany. This is something new, the feeling is completely different," - shared the young swimming talent.

Since last year, Miladinov has been living in the northern Swiss city of Worcester and has been swimming for one of the best teams in the country - Valizelen. He’s been now training under the guidance of renowned specialist, Gerard Moorland, in the group of sprinters.

Agrion's corporate philosophy shares the common values ​​between business and sport - leadership, perseverance and perseverance. Thanks to them, the company has proven to be the undisputed leader in the agricultural land management.

The entire Agrion team wishes Joseph Miladinov the same undeniable success and a medal at the Tokyo Games!

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