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Wondering who can solve the most complicated legal cases related to agricultural land?

Wondering who can give competent answers to your questions about agricultural land?

Wondering who can advise you on a planned deal with agricultural land?

We are pleased to present to you the Legal Department of AGRION!
We can say with certainty that we are one of the leading experts in the field, having gained practical experience for more than 15 years of professional legal services, in cases and transactions with agricultural land.

The most intricate hereditary cases - we are happy to unravel to the smallest detail.
We will help you to divide your co-owned properties through voluntary divisions, which makes us wonderful mediators, and we certainly know how to advise you to get what you are entitled to.

We have a soft spot for all leases and lease agreements, subject to agricultural land - they could be a difficulty only for the opposite party, especially in the course of litigation related to them.

We know your rights and will give you guidelines on how to protect them through judicial or extrajudicial means.

And last but not least, we would like to help you put in order unsettled legal relations, to give guidelines for voluntary fulfillment of obligations to you, and in case the other party lacks good will, then we are the people who will advise you how to get a writ of execution - your weapon against your bad debtors.

We are the people who fight for the law and uphold its principles.

And you are the people who can seek us when they seek their rights to give a quick, adequate, competent and clear solution to your questions.

Write to us at any time, and we will definitely answer in time!

We are expecting you!

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